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The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) represents the dreams and aspirations of 16,000 community-focused champions from northern B.C. who, in 1988 paid $5 and signed a petition to create a university in and for the north. This year, UNBC is proud to reach a significant milestone of graduating over 16,000 students.

To celebrate this exciting achievement, we have launched the #UNBCPayItForward Campaign. We are asking our supporters to pay it forward and make a gift today that will improve access to education and enhance student experiences. May we suggest a gift amount of $9.97 which equates to the original $5 donation made by each of the original 16,000 champions - adjusted for inflation of course. Or perhaps a gift of $99.70, $997.00 or $9,970.00?

Donation Information
$ 9.97
$ 99.70
$ 997.00
$ 9,970.00